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Also, Download: Windows 8. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. What model is it? I have created the theme after discussions with the park owners and hearing their needs. Together with our design team we then transformed ideas into lines and colours with a result that the park management immediately liked, and according to them, was a hit with their patrons. Again a family ride, which in this case also stands out for the seating design, around which we have done important research.

Let me explain: The special feature is that you have to pedal your way up, encouraging a spirit of challenge between the occupants of the 2 seating units 4 seats each , to get on top faster than the other. But we also thought of those who for some reason could or would not want to pedal as much as required: Diceva che è tematizzata? Proprio io ho ideato la tematizzazione dopo essermi confrontato con la proprietà del parco e aver ascoltato le loro esigenze. Veniamo ora a Fort Fun.

La torre a caduta che altezza ha? Di nuovo una family ride, che in questo caso spicca anche per le sue sedute intorno alle quali abbiamo fatto una ricerca importante a livello di design. Mi spiego: Was it difficult to sell to a giant like Compagnie des Alpes, fourth parks and indoor recreational facilities operator in Europe, with a turnover of almost Fortunately we sold them a ride some 10 years ago for a different park. So they got time to test our flexibility in the design phase, the production quality and the degree of technical assistance over the years.

Having had that relation with us in the past made it logical for the group to turn to us for this double purchase. This page: In questa pagina: E del Time Machine cosa ci racconta? La particolarità sta nel fatto che per salire in quota bisogna pedalare, il che fa scattare tra gli occupanti dei due gruppi-sedute da quattro posti ciascuno , delle simpatiche sfide a chi sale più velocemente. Ma abbiamo pensato anche al divertimento di chi per qualche motivo non potesse o volesse pedalare quanto serve: Altro da aggiungere su questa giostra?

Superhero films continue to break records at the box office. Their actions are therefore extended to TVs, theme parks and now also in management. And there is no sign of saturation. Every detail was revealed about the stars: Some industry analysts believe that we have reached the peak of this trend, but a look at the news in recent years reveals that these predictions. Film con supereroi fanno incassi da record al cinema.

Le loro prestazioni sono quindi moltiplicate tra film, TV, parchi a tema e non vi è segno di saturazione. Lo scorso mese le star di Hollywood, ma anche quelle europee, sono sfilate sul tappeto rosso della Croisette al Festival di Cannes. Ogni dettaglio era messo in evidenza: In Marvel created Marvel Studio and started are repeated on a regular basis and are producing and distributing its own movies.

The just as regularly dismissed. Tony Stark particularly praised. Gli interpreti sono Robert Downey Jr. Il film ha avuto un grande successo di pubblico e non solo: In , however, critica, con particolari apprezzamenti per Marvel began producing on its own Downey Jr. The movie was a huge success with the public and critics and became the second highest gross- trend, ma a guardare le cronache degli distributori come Twentieth Century Fox ing movie in that year.

In the mean- Time-Warner. Prima gli eroi ar- vel veniva anche acquistata dalla Walt Disney Company per 5 miliardi di dollari. Intellectual or physical superpowers used for a good cause, a distinctive costume, an enemy or group first by moving the creative of enemies and a major weak spot like kryptonite for Superman: Il film è uscito nel , structure means that goals incassando globalmente 1,5 miliardi di dollari, che ne fa uno dei primi sei film di maggior incasso della storia. Many factors contributes to make these characters popular among all generations but the interest is mainly driven by the emotional bond that goes back to childhood and by the sophisticated Disney and Warner Bros.

The well-oiled marketing machine of the studios, moreover, places the superheroes in theme parks, snacks, books, clothes and other products through licensing. There are other arguments too. The complexity theory also applies to the way movies are scripted. Stories of superheroes are easier to follow compared to the plots of more realistic action movies. The costumes and the different powers of superheroes, in fact, allow the viewer to follow the story without having to make an effort to remember the names of characters and who did what.

Making the characters easily recognizable also encourages the promotion of future films. One of the features of Marvel films in particular is that the main character is periodically joined by a new or existing hero in the role of extra. Once the extras become familiar. In a world dominated by male superheroes there is no much room for women heroes with a leading role. Cartoon Network is among the first to try to fill the gap by dusting off the Powerpuff Girls. Originally launched in they are back this year on the small screen in the USA and in the UK with new adventures, new voices, a new look and a new soundtrack. Nel mondo dei supereroi vincono i maschi. Non sono tante infatti le supereroine che hanno un ruolo da protagoniste.

Sulla scia del successo di Marvel, anche la diretta rivale Warner Bros, che controlla DC Comics, ha riorganizzato la propria struttura prima portando il reparto creativo da New York a Burbank in Califormia, vicino agli studi di Hollywood e sede della WB, poi creando una nuova divisione denominata DC Films che risponde direttamente ai vertici della Warner. Personaggi come Batman, Superman, Spiderman.

The same strategy works in reverse when heroes are put together in a team. Not a completely new formula and the success is also tried in other areas of entertainment. The formula is state of the art considering the fact that new digital technologies such as virtual reality will offer the opportunity of observing a scene through the point of view of another character in the film. Even the dialogues, especially in the Marvel heroes, are based on a tongue and check style that makes the heroes more personable and easier to relate. The tongue and check language combined with the success at the box office make these heroes also suitable for the small screen.

I supereroi che escono dagli studi di Disney e Time Warner inoltre non sono solo visti al cinema o nei parchi, ma la macchina del marketing degli studios li pone anche in merendine, libri ed altre iniziative di licensing. Vi sono poi altre tesi. Una di queste giustifica la popolarità dei film con supereroi con il fatto che questi presentano una soluzione semplice e definitiva a pro-.

Superheroes women with a leading role will appear on the big screen starting in and through Andando al mondo del cinema, tra il e il usciranno ben 3 film con supereroine in ruoli centrali: The girls still face terrible monsters, but they have new voices, a design with rounder lines, a new. I costumi e i poteri differenti dei supereroi, infatti, permettono allo spettatore di seguire le vicende senza dover fare uno sforzo per ricordare i nomi di personaggi e chi ha fatto che cosa.

Questa facilità nel riconoscere i soggetti favorisce anche la promozione di film futuri. Una delle caratteristiche dei film di Marvel, ad esempio, è che agli eroi classici vengono periodicamente affiancati altri eroi, nuovi e non, con il ruolo di comparse. Queste poi, una volta divenute familiari agli spettatori, diventano i protagonisti di una propria avventura o film. La stessa cosa funziona al contrario, quando. La formula è anche attuale considerando il fatto che nuove tecnologie digitali come la realtà virtuale avranno come punto di forza la possibilità di osservare una scena attraverso il punto di vista di un altro personaggio del film.

Questa facilità di linguaggio nonché la popolarità al cinema rende questi eroi idonei anche al piccolo schermo. Powerpuff Girls might not be aware of the fact that they are among the few examples of female heroes, a scarcity in Marvel cinematic universe. One of the criticisms directed to Marvel, in fact, is that women are portrayed as sexy bombshells in comics and never land a leading role in the movies. Wasp, a woman, will co-star with Ant-Man. The whole Marvel empire, in fact, has been built almost exclusively by white heroes but one has to walk around to realize that the world is much more diverse today.

In the last 5 years Marvel Comics has made some efforts to diversify its cast by. Most likely in the future we will see super heroes in the LGBT categories the initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. This is already happening in comics, but for the screen it is more challenging. The films with superheroes in fact, derive the most revenue on the global market and not all cultures have the same attitude toward this kind of new heroes.

Le ragazzine terribili affronteranno ancora dei mostri, ma hanno nuove voci, un design con angoli smussati, una nuova colonna sonora e sono ora alle scuole medie. Powerpuff Girls a loro insaputa sono anche tra i pochi esempi di eroi protagonisti di sesso femminile. Stesse critiche riguardano la rappresentazione di minoranze etniche. Negli ultimi cinque anni Marvel Comics ha fatto uno sforzo concertato per diversificare la propria gamma, ad esempio ha aggiunto. Presumibilmente vedremo anche supereroi nelle categorie indicate negli Usa come LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, ovvero omosessuali, bisex e transgender. Questo avviene già nei fumetti, ma per il grande schermo il passo è più difficile.

I film con supereroi infatti registrano i maggiori incassi sul mercato globale e non tutte le culture hanno lo stesso atteggiamento verso questo tipo di nuovi eroi. A partnership cemented by a give-andtake approach that benefits all parties involved: Inaugurata a Gardaland a fine maggio la nuova area tematica per famiglie Kung Fu Panda Academy che ricrea un divertente villaggio cinese in perfetto stile Kung Fu.

A cementarlo un principio del dare e avere che porta benefici a tutti: Il mese scorso il parco italiano Gardaland ha inaugurato la nuova area tematica per famiglie Kung Fu Panda Academy, frutto di un accordo con il colosso americano DreamWorks Animation. The spinning coaster Kung Fu Panda Master is the main ride of the new area. Lo spinning coaster Kung Fu Panda Master è la principale attrazione della nuova area.

An attachment which is all the stronger when it comes to the younger public, since this target particularly tends to identify with their heroes, becoming a springboard to stimulate other franchise-related consumption once the park experience is over i. The result of an investment of nearly 8 million euros, the area was specifically designed for families with children, as confirmed by Gardaland CEO Aldo Vigevani, during the press conference: Two major rides, both suitable for everyone: Even the queue. Una ghianda è per sempre ancor oggi in programma nel parco, si è mosso in modo più strutturato in questa direzione.

Theming area of this rollercoaster is interesting, in itself a test of skill. The path that leads to boarding is in fact organised as a themed training ground with several challenges, including a crocodile-shaped totem pole to test your agility, a mobile wooden bridge to test your balance and a punch bag to measure strength. And of course the site will feature areas dedicated to themed merchandise, as well as the opportunity for the children to meet and greet their heros. Under a distinctive colourful pagoda, the giant panda and his brave friend Tiger perform at a mini show, showcasing the main kung fu moves where children can directly participate to emulate their heroes and take precious souvenir photos.

Due le attrazioni principali, entrambe adatte a tutti: Sotto una caratteristica pagoda colorata il panda gigante e la sua coraggiosa amica Tigre si esibiscono in un minishow che mostra le. The spotlight is on the other extraordinary news at Gardaland The potential is certainly there and the path already taken by the park is in the right direction. Le potenzialità certamente ci sono e il percorso già intrapreso dal parco va nella direzione giusta. The numbers from the show, even if no new records were set, were nonetheless important and confirm it as the reference leisure, amusement and retail trade show for the GCC countries and the entire MENA region.

Over exhibitors, mostly international, representing 33 countries from all over the world: On show at the stands were equipment, technology and services of every type - from attractions and rides for outdoor and indoor amusement parks, to the equipment for waterparks, as well as motion cinemas, virtual reality, coin-op games, inflatables, theme settings, participatory attractions such as high ropes courses etc.

DEAL Oltre gli espositori, per larghissima parte internazionali giunti da 33 nazioni del mondo: Questi ultimi, per il. DEAL , the largest trade show for the entertainment, amusement and retail sectors in the MENA region, was held in Dubai last April and attracted key players of these industries from all over the world. La manifestazione ha richiamato rappresentanti chiave di queste industrie da tutto il mondo. Donatella Versace is the artistic manager.

This is the second Palazzo Versace in the world. The investment totals over million euros. Donatella Versace ne è il direttore artistico. È il secondo Palazzo Versace al mondo. Rayyan Gate, around 15km from Doha, Qatar, in a new complex comprising homes, offices, sports facilities and various entertainment offerings Status: Rayyan Gate, a ca. From massive theme parks to large malls with fine shopping and dining, as well as many entertainment proposals. It is part of the City of Arabia development project Status: Expected attendance: Fa parte del complesso City of Arabia Stato: Ci saranno inoltre, un multiplex con 12 sale, 25 negozi, 28 punti ristoro e 4.

Meeras Size: It will feature an 80m LED screen for advertising or information. Meeras Dimensioni: Monterà un schermo a Led da 80m da sfruttare per fini pubblicitari o informative. Sarà la ruota più alta del mondo. Mall operators must envision themselves no longer as real estate brokers, but instead as retailtainers. One example in this regard is the new Mattel! Playtown in Dubai see the article on p. In both cases, the attractions will be miniature cities with shops, hospital, post office, schools etc.

Il fatto che nella regione MENA, e soprattutto negli Stati del Golfo con particolare riguardo a Dubai, il leisure stia vivendo un buon momento è un fatto assodato ed evidente e lo testimonia la miriade di progetti in via di realizzazione o già pianificati per i prossimi anni. Per la crescente classe me-. Exhibitors at DEAL totalled over from over 30 countries. Gli espositori che hanno preso parte a DEAL sono stati oltre da più di 30 nazioni. Between the Dubai 63km and Abu Dhabi 68km international airports, and near the Expo site Status: Over rides and attractions in total More: Project cost: Tra gli aeroporti internazionali di Dubai 63km e Abu Dhabi 68km , vicino al sito di Expo Affluenza prevista per il primo anno di apertura a regime: Costo progetto: Meeras, operated by Six Flags Size: Gestito da Six Flags Dimensioni: La progettazione è in corso e vede coinvolta la canadese Forrec.

Kidzmondo and Minopolis have their own currency , going to the bank, the supermarket, the gym, driving, and so on. So, parks, retail, FECs and edutainment areas. Dubai is once again dominating this race: These include the ME hotel designed by architect Zara Hadid, the first Spanish 5 star hotel in the Middle East it in fact belongs to the Melia chain , which should open in , with rooms in a futuristic building towering over 95m high in the Burj Khalifa area, as well as Palazzo Versace, inaugurated last November, with interiors and furnishings in the rooms in classic,.

Ecco quindi dentro i mall, i Fec di grandi proporzioni, i multiplex e come trend degli ultimi tempi, le aree edutainment per bambini. Playtown a Dubai v. In entrambi i casi le attrazioni saranno. He owns and operates a funfair and a theme park that are both in Athens. Qui sopra: È proprietario e gestore ad Atene di un luna park e di un parco tematico. With all these developments, there must surely also be tourist attractions too! Parchi, retail, Fec, aree edutainment, abbiamo quindi detto fin qui.

Ed è Dubai a dominare anche questa corsa: In tutto questo fermento potevano. Certo che no! Miral Asset Management Size: A themed hotel will also be built More: The park is expected to increase visitor numbers to Yas Island from 25 million last year to 30 million in Miral Asset Management Dimensioni: Ci sarà anche un hotel a tema Altro: Dubai Outlet Mall site Status: Al Ahli Holding Group Size: A Fox-themed hotel with an initial capacity of rooms and a themed retail street featuring unique shopping and dining will also be built More: Al Ahli Holding Group Dimensioni: We visited both Dubai Mall and City Walk.

In a metropolitan area of around 35,sq. These are in fact modern retail temples offering a wide variety of entertainment experiences, many of which seem improbable, considering that the city is located in the desert. Abbiamo visitato per voi Dubai Mall e City Walk. Sui suoi circa 35kmq di area metropolitana, Dubai ha infatti ben un centinaio di mall e si tratta di strutture che meritano una visita non solo se si è fanatici delle compere e dei marchi del lusso.

Parliamo infatti di templi moderni del retail in cui è possibile vivere le esperienze di entertainment più varie e talvolta anche apparentemente improbabili sapendo che la città si trova in mezzo al deserto. It is home to hundreds of stores, including many belonging to luxury brands such as Ferrari above. Con i suoi 1,1 milioni di mq di superficie, il Dubai Mall è uno dei mall più grandi al mondo. Al suo interno, centinaia di negozi, tra cui anche molti dei brand del lusso come Ferrari sopra.

Hence a series of new theme parks to be opened see the previous article and the consequent transformation of the city into a sort of Orlando 2. The Dubai Mall is packed with entertainment components. Il Dubai Mall è ricco di proposte di intrattenimento. Eatitaly — and lots and lots of entertainment. Indeed, there are various attractions to entertain the millions of people who come to the mall every year the most recent official data from show attendance of more than 80 million.

Starting with an aquarium, strategically located in the centre of the mall, which in 10 million litres of water showcases one of the most diverse collections of aquatic life worldwide and features a degree walkthrough tunnel, while on the floor above is the Underwater Zoo, hosting — sub-divided by habitat — piranhas, crocodiles, penguins, water rats, jellyfish, and so on. For those who love ice skating, there is an Olympic rink used for.

Da qui anche le prossime aperture programmate dei tanti parchi tematici v. Dei tanti mall in città, noi abbiamo visitato il più grande, il Dubai Mall, che. On this page: While all of this would already seem enough, there is much, much more. Covering 2 floors of the Dubai Mall is the SEGA Republic indoor park with its mascot Sonic, providing entertainment for children and families with 14 family rides including a roller coaster and more than coin-op games, mainly redemption machines, on an area of 7,sq. For the same target, not far away is a Kidzania edutainment center.

In a more peripheral location and with a completely different style, somewhat more European, is. Se queste proposte vi sembrano tanta roba, sappiate che i piatti forti devono ancora arrivare. Distribuito su due piani del Dubai Mall, il parco indoor SEGA Republic con la sua mascotte Sonic diverte infatti bambini e famiglie con 14 family ride compreso un coaster e più di giochi automatici, in prevalenza redemption distribuiti su 7 mila metriquadri.

Opened in by Meeras, for the time being it is still prevalently a shopping and dining destination quite refined, but not very popular, was our impression. The entertainment is presently provided by Mattel! Town, a CEC covering 5,sq. Shopping Centers old target, developed in partnership with the famous toy maker, and another similar structure, for the same target, called Caboodle. This year however, perhaps even this summer, the owners have announced that the offering will be completed with the opening of Hub Zero, an indoor amusement park with rides and games — suppliers include, for example, ETF and Alterface, with a pair of interactive dark rides — and The Green Planet.

This is a biodome, the only one of its kind in the region, which recreates a tropical forest and all its biodiversity. As well as a giant 25 metre high tree artificial, however , more than 3, plants and animals of different species will attract both tourists and Dubai locals, making it a place not only of relaxation, but also knowledge and stimulus for greater environmental awareness. PlayTown interactive play centre. Level Kids, one of the many stores at City Walk.

The Green Planet to open in the coming months. A City Walk è impossibile annoiarsi. Più sotto: A parte abiti, scarpe e giocattoli, propone anche servizi come una spa e delle sale compleanni. Qui a fianco: The Green Planet, in arrivo nei prossimi mesi. Aperto nel dal colosso Meeras, è per il momento ancora un luogo prevalentemente di shopping e dining raffinato ma non molto frequentato, ad essere sinceri, per quanto abbiamo potuto vedere noi. Si tratta di una struttura indoor, unica nel suo genere nella regione, in cui verrà ricreata una foresta tropicale con tutta la sua biodiversità.

The new family entertainment centre will provide over 4,sq. It will also have a dedicated food and beverage area and Nickelodeon retail space. As marketing experts know, sounds and scents are highly evocative and consequently, they can even help businesses make a brand more recognisable and give a competititve advantage. Il Fec, la cui apertura è prevista per il , rientra nella politica di Parques Reunidos e VIMN di aprire centri divertimento per famiglie in tutta Europa.

Il nuovo locale occuperà più di 4. Bambini e genitori saranno entusiasti delle scenografie e della possibilità di incontrare alcuni dei più celebri personaggi della famiglia Nickelodeon. Billabong, the Australian surf clothes and equipment specialist, has appointed the Texas-based Mood Media, a leader in customer experience design, to develop the sound and scent for 10 of its European flasgship stores, spread across France and Spain. Mood strategy renews every 2 months to ensure the originality of the customer experience at the stores.

Il marketing ce lo insegna: Lo sa anche Billabong, il marchio australiano di abbigliamento e attrezzature da surf, che ha incaricato la texana Mood Media, uno dei leader nel progettare customer experience, di sviluppare suoni e profumi per 10 dei suoi store europei più importanti, tra Francia e Spagna. One the favourites of Italian kids and amusement parks: Geronimo Stilton, the journalist-mouse adored by Italian kids and early teens will be making his home at the Italian cinema-themed amusement park from June until to 1 November. Young fans of the editor of The Ro-.

The books have also given rise to 2 TV cartoon series broadcast in more than countries and the third series will come out in December , musicals produced in Italy and other countries, journalism workshops for kids, and naturally a lot of merchandise. Beniamini di bambini e ragazzi e parchi divertimento: Qui, lungo la main street del parco, è stata ricreata la sua abitazione: Dai libri sono nate anche 2 serie TV animate trasmesse in oltre cento paesi e la terza esce a dicembre , musical con produzioni in Italia e non, laboratori di giornalismo per ragazzi e ovviamente molto merchandising.

Il progetto è frutto della collaborazione tra la proprietà del parco e Atlantyca Live, divisione della società transmediale Atlantyca che detiene e gestisce i diritti del brand Gernomo Stilton e di tutti i suoi spin off. Come ci ha spiegato il direttore del parco Riccardo Capo durante la conferenza stampa di lancio della nuova attrazione, dei 3,5 milioni di visitatori che nel sono stati a Cinecittà World, 17 mila appartenevano a scolaresche.

Images of the presentation of the new attraction dedicated to Geronimo Stilton at Cinecittà World. Immagini della presentazione della nuova attrazione di Cinecittà World dedicata a Geronimo Stilton. È stato ricreato lo studio del topo giornalista e allestita una mostra con tavole illustrate che raccontano il mondo di questo personaggio. Despite its old age years next year and security issues, it brings colour and happiness to the capital every year. The Foire Saint-Antoine — this is the original name — was created by King Lothaire in and was presented as a modest trade show that took place during Easter week on land owned by the Parisian abbey of Saint-Antoine-des-Champs.

In an-. In , the young Philip was riding through the streets of Paris when a pig pigs were then left in the wild to clean the streets of Paris from dirt frightened his horse and unseated him: Philip fell and died. King Louis immediately issued an order prohibiting pigs from roam-. Sports Centre at Jolly Harbour T. Molti hotel sono dotati di campi da tennis mentre i complessi sportivi quali Jolly Harbour Sports Centre T. The trade winds make sailing fun for beginners and more experienced sailors. You can play around in a Sunfish in a protected bay or charter a bareboat to explore the coastline. Boat charters may be arranged through your hotel or through one of the marinas.

Guests can relax, snorkel and enjoy the beauty of the Antiguan waters or take an active part in all aspects of sailing the vessels. For sailing enthusiasts why not join the Antigua Yacht Club on a weekly or monthly temporary membership giving the option of sailing their Laser and Sport 16 fleets or taking sailing lessons from experienced instructors T.

Ondeck T. For the widest range of amenities and friendliest service in St. Also in St. The Antigua Athletic Club near the airport is a trendy, premier fitness and well-being facility, social centre and island heaven not to be missed T. Considered one of the best places in the world to kite surf, Antigua and Barbuda both offer ideal conditions for beginners and the more experienced. Based at Nonsuch Bay and Green Island, 40 Knots offers kite and windsurf rentals and lesson packages. Max, Chris and Irene, the owners, are IKO certified instructors with the latest teaching methods and highest safety standards T.

Jabberwock Beach is the place to watch the experts practice this spectacular sport, take lessons with Kite Antigua T. Sia Antigua che Barbuda offrono condizioni ideali per praticare il Kite Surf. A Nonsuch Bay invece si trova la 40 Knots T. For Paddle Boarding contact the: Per gli amanti del surf, gli spot migliori, soprattutto tra novembre e marzo, sono Galley Bay e Turtle Bay. Per noleggio di Paddle Boards contattare: Below are a few of the best diving centres in Antigua.

Antigua offre immersioni varie e affascinanti: Per i più avventurosi, Barbuda e Redonda offrono fondali quasi ineguagliabili. Bikes are available for hire in St. Girare in bicicletta è un ottimo sistema per scoprire Antigua. Si noleggiano biciclette a St. The best deep-sea fishing is off the south coast although good catches are to be had in the calmer waters to the west and north. Marlin, tuna, barracuda, wahoo and mahi-mahi abound in our waters. You can hire a fully equipped sport fishing boat at any of the marinas. Fishing charters are available for four, six and eight hours with flexible departure times T.

Frank propone escursioni di quattro, sei e otto ore con partenza da English Harbour T. La pesca migliore si pratica nella costa sud ma buone opportunità ci possono essere anche nelle più calme acque della costa nord e ovest. Enjoy the Antigua hiking trails whether discovering them by yourself, or with organisations such as the Environmental Awareness Group T. Ad Antigua non mancano i sentieri panoramici. Per affrontare i più impegnativi, è possibile affidarsi a una guida locale.

Qualche consiglio? Surrounded by lush tropical landscaping, this beautiful, 3, sq ft health and fitness club is for everyone from serious body builders and fitness enthusiasts to families and individuals seeking somewhere to unwind with friends. I soci del club possono usufuire di benefit esclusivi quali palestra e piscina olimpionica di 25 metri. Antigua Athletic Club è la sosta ideale per chi è in attesa di prendere un volo. Antigua has two golf courses: It accommodates players of all skill levels, offers special discounts to cruise ship passengers and yacht crews, has advance individual tee times available and welcomes tournaments and outings.

Per gli amanti di questo sport ad Antigua ci sono due campi: Aperto a tutti, dai principianti agli esperti, offre lezioni individuali e prezzi agevolati per equipaggi e ospiti delle navi da crociera. Entrambi offrono lezioni individuali, un bar e ristorante, negozi, noleggio ferri e cart. They were followed by seafaring, Arawak-speaking farmers and fishermen who settled in villages around our coastlines about BC. The Arawaks were skilled in the art of pottery. It is said that they had slightly pointed heads, as their skulls were deformed by using pieces of wood strapped tightly to their heads when they were children. A tuft of hair on top of the shaven head accentuated this shape.

They were a peaceful people, catching fish and growing corn and cassava. Their tribes were ruled by a chief, or cacique. The Arawaks used tobacco, which they smoked in a special kind of pipe, or rolled into cigars, and drank a liqueur made from corn. In AD their peaceful existence was disturbed by the arrival of a warlike tribe from the Amazon forest, the Caribs. Their name derives from the Spanish word caribal, meaning cannibal. The Caribs conquered and occupied all the lands of the Arawaks. In Columbus sighted the island of Watling in the Bahamas, paving the way for Spanish colonisers.

He was followed by the English, French and Dutch, who fought for dominion over the islands. Although Columbus never landed on Antigua he named the island in honour of Santa Maria de la Antigua, the saint he worshipped in Seville. Antigua remained under the rule of the English with only a brief takeover by the French in Once returned to the crown with the Peace of Breda in , Antigua became an important colonial naval base. When the demand for sugar increased from the 17th century the island became known for the production of sugar cane. As local labour was not sufficient, this period saw the rise of the slave trade where shiploads of people were transported over from the African colonies.

European ships docked in Africa, particularly West Africa, laden with cargoes of little value. The goods were offered to slave traders in exchange for strong healthy people who could cope with the inhuman conditions of the sea voyage which could last up to three months and, once across the Atlantic, would be a reliable workforce for labour in the fields and sugar plantations. The abolition of slavery in and the subsequent introduction of the process of sugar beet refining in Europe led to the decline in sugar cane cultivation. An important event took place in the early years of the last century, when, in , the USA reached an agreement with Panama for the opening of the famous canal.

Since that time America has had a strong influence on the area. Between the two world wars, a new ethnic group arrived on the island: They came to Antigua as small traders and integrated well into the community, operating in a range of businesses. The end of World. War II marked the beginning of the process which would lead to independence from Great Britain. In Antigua and Barbuda became an Associate State, answering to the UK only in matters of foreign policy and defence.

In November , Vere Bird, the Prime Minister and charismatic leader of the independence movement led the country to independence. Since the s the two islands have gradually abandoned their agricultural economy, transforming themselves into a tourist paradise. Gli Arawak avevano un grande talento nella lavorazione della ceramica i cui reperti sono stati ritrovati in tutte le isole dei Caraibi. In Antigua si stabilirono in piccoli villaggi sulla costa e qui vissero fino a quando non vennero invasi dai più agguerriti e feroci Carib. Si dice che gli Arawak avessero una testa dalla forma leggermente a punta, perché, fin da bambini, deformavano le ossa del cranio con piccole assi di legno fermate da una stretta fasciatura.

La forma del capo era poi accentuata da un ciuffo di capelli che ricadeva sulla testa rasata. Questo per sembrare aggressivi e spaventare eventuali invasori. Gli Arawak facevano uso di tabacco fumato con un particolare tipo di pipa o arrotolato in sigari e di un liquore ricavato dal mais. La loro esistenza tranquilla fu presto disturbata intorno al d. Il loro nome deriva dal termine spagnolo caribal, che significa cannibale. I Carib occuparono, conquistandoli, tutti i territori dove risiedevano gli Arawak.

Tornata alla corona nel con la pace di Breda, Antigua divenne un vero caposaldo navale delle colonie britanniche: Il suo più celebre comandante, Orazio Nelson che peraltro era solito soggiornare a St. Il triangolo si chiudeva con il ritorno in Europa, con la nave carica di zucchero e altri beni ricavati dalla vendita degli schiavi ai proprietari terrieri. Giunti ad Antigua come piccoli commercianti, sono ben integrati nella società e impegnati in attività diverse. Dagli anni sessanta le due isole hanno abbandonato gradualmente la loro economia agricola e si sono trasformate in paradisi per i turisti di tutto il mondo. On the coast grow acacia and fig trees, succulents and agaves.

A common sight around the lagoons and hurricane holes is the mangrove whose roots help to hold onto sand and coral fragments, making it an essential part of sea ecology. The beautiful bougainvillea was originally a Mediterranean plant but here comes in different sizes and beautiful bright colours. Coconut palms which are so much part of the image of the Caribbean were imported from India with the papaya and the mango. He was transporting a cargo of saplings to plant on the islands in order to provide low-cost food for the slaves working on the sugar plantations. The avocado and the guava originated in Brazil, cocoa came from Central America and the banana was brought over from the Canaries.

The earliest inhabitants of the Lesser Antilles cultivated cassava from which tapioca is made and it too played an important role in feeding the slaves cheaply. Its fruit, which looks like small green apples, has a pleasant scent but is inedible - it can cause violent gastro-intestinal upsets and can even be fatal to children. The nature lover can hike unspoiled hillsides and remote beaches, explore the national parks and the frigate bird sanctuary or relax on a lounger and watch the busy lizards or the diving pelicans.

Many species were brought over by the Europeans who introduced them from their other colonies. The native vegetation consists mainly of One of the many species that can be found inland is the heron while on the coast look out for terns, pelicans and petrels. Frigate birds have a wingspan of up to 2 metres and their own nature reserve on Barbuda.

In the 19th century the mongoose was introduced to Antigua in order to control the spread of poisonous snakes which eventually disappeared altogether. Insects are rare whereas the croak of the green tree frog can be heard often. The island is home to cows, sheep and goats brought over by the first colonists and the ocean holds tropical fish of all colours which can be seen easily with a mask and snorkel. Per gli amanti della natura, molte le attività da fare: La vegetazione comprende le piante che costituiscono la foresta pluviale: Sulla costa crescono le acacie, i ficus, le succulente e le agavi. Autoctona è anche la mancinella: Le banane sono originarie delle Canarie.

La bellissima buganvillea arriva dal Mediterraneo, ma qui assume dimensioni e colori unici. Rari gli insetti, diffuse le raganelle verdi con il loro tipico gracidio. Molto diffusi gli ovini e i bovini: I fondali ospitano pesci di tutti i colori, facilmente visibili con maschera e boccaglio. It is very popular with the locals who come here mainly on Saturdays and Sundays. There is also a small restaurant and a bar. Accompanying bays can be calm and reef-sheltered or windswept, with Atlantic swells for exciting water sports. Remember to take drinking water and sunscreen. Here is a selection with their positions marked on the map on page Spiagge calme e protette dalla barriera corallina, ampie insenature, spiagge esposte gli alisei, la scelta è davvero ampia.

È bene ricordare di portare con sé acqua da bere, cappello e crema protettiva. Di seguito una selezione di spiagge, le più conosciute, che potete trovare segnalate a pagina The walk will take one and a half hours. It is an ideal place for body surfing or you can swim in the calm waters on the left hand side of the beach. It is a popular beach with the locals who visit it mainly at weekends. It is accessible along metres of road. Vi si trovano anche un ristorantino ed un bar.

Molto amata anche dalla popolazione locale, che la frequenta soprattutto durante il week-end. The beach slopes gently down into crystal-clear waters. On the beach is Bumpkins, a nice local beach restaurant. Sulla spiaggia si trova Bumpkins, per bibite e pranzo local style. If you wish to stop for lunch and be pampered try Indigo, the beach restaurant of Carlisle Bay Resort which is open to the public. Da provare La Tartaruga, un delizioso ristorante sulla spiaggia che affitta anche lettini e ombrelloni. The beach is reached from Five Islands Village. Here you can practise water sports and in the evening the beach becomes a popular meeting place.

The public entrance is just behind the main entrance to the complex. It is protected by a reef and is popular with windsurfers. Non solo visiterete luoghi meravigliosi ma avrete tutto il tempo per rilassarvi durante il pranzo caraibico. Vi riaccompagneremo alla fine di una giornata che sarà piena di ricordi, colore locale, ottimi drink e delizioso cibo. Questa avventura di 60 miglia con viste spettacolari include emozionanti veleggiate in mare aperto, e poi pranzo, nuotate e snorkeling alla bellissima Green Island.

Gusterete il pranzo e una nuotata in una spiaggia da sogno prima di veleggiare verso casa in tutto relax. Si naviga poi a Bird Island per lo snorkeling sulla barriera corallina e pranzo a buffet a bordo. Ideale per crociere al tramonto, matrimoni, anniversari o eventi aziendali. Il catering arriva direttamente dalla nostra cucina.

Set sail with Wadadli Cats and remember the day forever. Experience the best of Antigua by sea on a day tour with us. With a fleet of twin-hull catamarans ranging from 47 to 66 feet, we provide a comfortable, ride with plenty of room to stretch out and have fun. Have access to the best beaches and snorkelling sites, as well, relax over your Caribbean on board buffet lunch. We pick you up on the beach near your hotel, and return you at the end of a day full of memories, local color, good drinks and great food.

After anchoring on the 2-mile reef, enjoy lunch and a swim at a beautiful beach before a relaxing sail home. Lunch onboard and a casual sail back. This tour leads from St. After passing through a number of small villages, the road joins the coast just outside Bolans, giving lovely views of beaches and coastal lagoons around Darkwood Beach, Johnsons Point and Urlings. The road continues winding round the heights of the Shekerley Mountains. At metres, Mount Obama is the highest peak and can be reached only by jeep along a dirt track that turns off the main road near the pineapple plantation; the best views of the island can be seen from the top.

The main road continues on to the coast, with views of Cades Bay, until it reaches the village of Old Road. From here it turns back towards the hills, passing through thick tropical vegetation. This is Fig Tree Drive which winds through groves of breadfruit, banana, mango and avocado trees. From Liberta a jeep will take you to Table Hill, site of the imposing Fort George, built in Antiguan green stone, from where there is a surprising view of Falmouth and English Harbour. Today it is an internationally renowned sailing port thanks to the regattas that attract sailors from all over the world see our section on events.

From English Harbour the road rises to the stunningly situated Cape Shirley from where you can get a magnificent view Parts of the complex are still standing, including the quarters of the Royal Artillery which now contains a museum, and, higher up, the old guard house which is now a restaurant with excellent views over the yacht-filled English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour. After a stop for lunch at Shirley Heights take the road back to Liberta and. At the traffic lights in All Saints turn left for the road back to St.

One of the most popular excursions leads from St. The mill has been restored and fitted out as a small museum dedicated to sugar production in the 18th and 19th centuries. Another route worth taking is the one towards the enormous Willoughby Bay, protected by coral reefs. The road winds sharply but opens out onto spectacular views over the bay. The other passes through the village of Freetown and leads to Harmony Hall. At the end of the road a left turn leads to Long Bay, a lovely white sandy beach sheltered by coral reefs. This half-day trip leads from St. After a swim in the unpolluted turquoise ocean, have lunch at one of the many restaurants in nearby Dickenson Bay. La strada prosegue quindi aggirando le alture degli Shekerley Mountains.

Con i suoi metri di altezza, Mount Obama, è la cima più alta ed è raggiungibile solo con un fuoristrada, deviando dalla strada principale su un sentiero sterrato che parte in prossimità della piantagione di ananas. La strada principale prosegue invece in costa affacciandosi sul Cades Bay e su ampi scorci di fitta vegetazione tropicale che ricopre i fianchi delle colline, fino al villaggio di Old Road.

Da qui la strada rientra verso le alture e attraversa il punto più fitto di vegetazione pluviale. È questo il Fig Tree Drive: Al termine di Fig Tree Drive si arriva a uno stop dove ci si immette, girando a destra, sulla strada che conduce a English Harbour passando per i villaggi di Liberta e Falmouth. Scendendo e piegando a destra a Table Hill si prende una strada sterrata che sbuca a nord di Bethsda.

Il ramo destro della strada sale lungo i pendii della collina che sovrasta English Harbour per terminare in un complesso fortificato. Fatto costruire da Thomas Shirley governatore delle Leeward Islands e grande antagonista di Nelson il complesso mantiene ancora numerose parti integre: Una delle escursioni più classiche è quella che da St.

Swimming with the stingrays, snorkelling, boat tours, visiting and walking the most beautiful beaches, unforgettable swims, nature trails, Nordic walking, clay baths and delicious lunches. Tour also available to Barbuda and Green Island. Dal bagno con le razze giganti allo snorckeling, escursione in barca, passeggiate sulle spiagge più belle, bagni indimenticabili, percorsi naturalistici, nordic walking, fanghi argillosi per tutto il corpo e pranzo. Tour anche a Barbuda e Green Island. Numero partecipanti: Al semaforo di All Saints girare a sinistra per tornare a St. Il tragitto è tortuoso, ma si apre a spettacolari punti panoramici sulla baia. Il percorso termina biforcandosi in due strade: Per raggiungere la sponda nord di Nonsuch Bay bisogna ritornare indietro e puntare a nord, quindi a nordest, verso il villaggio di Willikies.

Al fondo della strada si arriva, girando a sinistra, nella baia di Long Bay, una bella spiaggia bianca riparata da banchi di corallo. In this way you will discover its network of streets, its pedestrian areas and its historic and commercial districts. Today it is a peaceful and shady oasis overlooking the una mattinata è quello che, partendo da sea and the ideal place to rest from the heat and actvivity of St. Dopo un tuffo in questo mare contains the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. Carib Indians. A stroll along Church Street brings you to the Cathedral which was originally built in wood in , then in brick in and finally in grey stone in The interior is American pine to resist earthquakes and hurricanes.

The Cathedral is currently closed and it is not possible to go inside due to the huge restoration project. The best time to visit is Friday and Saturday morning when it is at its most vibrant and well stocked with fruit and local produce. Next to the fruit market is the Arts and Crafts market also worth a visit. The market is, of course, at the end of Market Street to the far south of the city. La Cattedrale è attualmente chiusa per un grosso progetto di restauro. If you decide to go public, local buses are generally small seaters and will take you wherever you want to go at a low cost. Many tourists find it a good way to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Bear in mind that quite long waits are possible, especially on routes that require a bus change. There are regular and request stops all over. The main starting points in St. Caribbean Helicopters T. For more information see page There are numerous opportunities for sailing excursions round the island or particular routes to explore hidden coves and secluded beaches. You can find detailed information on page A temporary local driving licence is necessary.

Fares are. Le fermate sono prefissate o a richiesta del passeggero sia per la salita sia per la discesa. Considerate che si possono avere lunghe attese se doveste scegliere un percorso che comporta cambiare autobus. Due le stazioni a St. Ad Antigua è impossibile non lasciarsi contagiare dalla voglia di prendere il largo. Per maggiori informazioni vedi pagina Unica formalità richiesta è la patente di guida locale temporanea, che sarà rilasciata direttamente dalla società di autonoleggio. Per maggiori info vedi pagina Barbuda lies 20 minutes by plane or 90 minutes by ferry to the north of Antigua. Its sq km is edged with reef-enclosed beaches of pink and white sand.

The interior of the island is mainly scrubland and is practically uninhabited, with the few villages connected mostly by dirt roads. It is not uncommon to meet donkeys or cows wandering placidly along them! Fences that surround homes, vegetable gardens and orchards are only there to protect against wild animals. Claire is a good source of useful information about Barbuda. Other points of interest are the 18th-century Martello Tower, the perfect place to relax and enjoy a panoramic view, and Two Foot Bay where there are complex caves with ancient Arawak drawings. Check Derby Cave a spectacular sink hole - 70ft deep and ft in diameter.

The interior eco-system supports 50 foot palmetto palms, bats, birds and frogs with. Truly worth a hiking visit. Barbuda is an island of beaches: Sand colours vary every day depending on the moods of the wind and the sea. In this tropical paradise visit the Frigate Bird Sanctuary where you can see these spectacular water birds nesting in the mangroves. Terns, petrels, pelicans, fish hawks, wild duck, moorhen and heron can be spotted on the coast, while cows, sheep, horses, donkeys, wild pigs, deer and guinea-fowl roam freely over the island. Barbuda can be visited from Antigua and there are many agencies that organise day trips: If you love to relax and unwind Barbuda offers exclusive resorts like the luxurious and enchanting Barbuda Belle Luxury Resort barbudabelle.

Il suo territorio è patrimonio della comunità: Claire è anche una buona fonte di informazioni utili su Barbuda. In questo paradiso la natura si esprime in tutta la sua esuberanza: I fondali sono popolati dalle più variopinte specie di pesci tropicali e, nella profondità degli abissi, si è creato un museo naturale: Barbuda è visitabile in giornata partendo da Antigua: Per chi ama la vacanza tutto relax la scelta va dal lussuoso e incantevole Barbuda Belle Luxury Resort www. È un fenomeno naturale complesso. Un vero paradiso naturale, dove nidificano diverse specie di uccelli anche protetti. In the dry season the liquid pond disappears but the salt is always there ready for the locals to collect to use in their kitchens.

A salt pond is a complex natural phenomenon brought about by the large amount of water-soluble substances in the sea. When the water evaporates all these substances precipitate in a crystalline mixture, gradually becoming more and more concentrated, sometimes taking on a spectacular rosy colouration given by the presence of a particular micro-algae. The salt pond is a natural paradise for protected bird species. Barbuda salt may be bought in the ArtCafe shop in Codrington. Antiguans can visit Barbuda for the day or longer, at reasonable rates, to enjoy the amazing beauty of their sister island while tourists can economically visit Barbuda with a selection of packages to explore and discover this little-visited island.

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