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The preceding vowel becomes shorter: Listen to the difference: There is no real English equivalent. The letter appears only when the r is pronounced: Some Italians make their r in their throats but it is always audible and more prominent than in standard English. And when there is double rr in the spelling, there are two rs in the sound. Try these: Using the recordings and imitating them throughout the course will also help you avoid errors.

The vowels divide into two groups: The sounds of Italian xvii 1 If the vowel following k or g is a, o, u: In that case the vowel is written with an accent: Certain types of words, e. Occasionally, for instance, the stress may fall on the fourth syllable from the end: Stress is also indicated in this way in the pronunciation section of the book and in verb tables, etc.

But in print or in writing, it is not normally indicated. The best you can do is listen to Italians speaking and try to build up a sound memory. However, stress is important. The wrong stress is more likely to obscure your meaning than a generally not very Italian-sounding accent. This is also best acquired by imitation and should not constitute a big problem. The Italian alphabet The Italian language uses an alphabet of twenty-one letters. The other letters of our familiar twenty-six-letter alphabet are used in writing foreign words. Below is a list of letters, with their pronunciations and the town name usually used: They are not usually made plural, so ss is due esse; also doppio esse or doppia esse.

In prac- tice, when writing, Italians write something that could be either: You are advised to do the same. In a very few cases an accent is used to distinguish one word from another: Of course you did. In Italy the bar bar or caffè is a popular meeting place as well as being a place to drop in for a coffee, a glass of water on a hot day, a snack or an ice cream. Many bars have terraces where, in the summer, people sit outside chatting, reading the newspaper or watching everyone else go by. Of course there are bars of all sorts, from the very elegant to the simple and down to earth. Popular drinks are: Dialogue 1 If you have the recording, for this and all dialogues, see if you can understand without looking at the book.

Good practice for real life situations! Answer the question below. You may need to listen more than once but persevere. Al bar A group of friends order drinks. Can you pick them out and guess what they are? Una birra, per favore. Per me, un caffè. Un vino bianco. Una Coca-Cola. Va bene. No prizes for guessing that! Unit 1: Good morning, a coffee please 3 Vocabulary notes prego lit. Here an invitation to order. Prego is also used to reply when someone thanks you for something: Va bene is used not just in casual speech, like OK. It is acceptable in a formal context too.

This is sometimes related to sex, in the cases of people or animals for example, but not always. When speaking, it comes naturally to run one vowel into another. See below, p. Many masculine Italian nouns end in -o, and many feminine nouns end in -a. Buongiorno, un caffè per favore in very many cases. Mostly foreign words adopted into Italian are masculine. Brioche and Coca-Cola, which are feminine, are exceptions. Try to learn the gender of a noun at the same time as learning the noun. Cultural point Many Italians like to breakfast in a bar on their way to work. This is not just to save time, but they will tell you they prefer the coffee from the espresso machines in the bar.

You pay and are given a receipt scontrino , which you then give to the barman, repeating your order. It is usual to stand at the bar with your drink. If you sit down, you get service at the table and pay extra — sometimes double. So think whether you want to sit and relax for some time, or whether in fact you just want a quick drink. Maria and Piera pop in for breakfast. Per me un cappuccino e una brioche. E per me un caffè e una pasta. Ecco lo scontrino. Maria and Piera go to the bar.

Mi dica. Un cappuccino e una brioche, per favore. Per me un caffè e una pasta. Un cappuccino e un caffè. Maria and Piera help themselves to the brioche and the pasta in the display case on the counter. The cashier is asking what Maria wants. The barman is indicating that he is ready to listen to the order. Compare with desidera and in the previous conversation prego. Buongiorno, un caffè per favore Language points Prices Italy adopted the euro, the European Union common currency, from the start. It is divided into centesimi. So we have: Numbers To deal with prices you will need numbers, i numeri.

You will notice that the thousands are marked by a full stop as in A comma is used where English uses the decimal point: For prices you will need the numbers between 20 and 99, which are plain sailing: Good morning, a coffee please 7 23 ventitrè 33 trentatrè 24 ventiquattro 34 trentaquattro 25 venticinque 35 trentacinque 26 ventisei 36 trentasei 27 ventisette 37 trentasette 28 ventotto 38 trentotto 29 ventinove 39 trentanove Note: This applies only to the numbers 21 to It does not apply to cento, centouno etc. The accent on ventitrè etc. Like most nouns ending in -o it is masculine. Like most foreign words used in Italian it is. Yes, masculine. So you say uno sport.

The problem does not arise with feminine nouns because there is already the vowel -a in una; e. Exercise 1 You are a waiter with a long list of drinks to get for a large group at a table on the terrace outside in the square. It will also be helpful in memorizing them. Buongiorno, un caffè per favore Exercise 2 You are an Englishman who is on holiday in Italy with your family.

They decide that, since you have been learning Italian, you ought to do the ordering for them. So, be the interpreter to the barman in this bar. This means you have to put the words in italics into Italian in the spaces provided. E per Lei, signore? Exercise 3 Read the following numbers out loud and then write them out as numerals. Write down the price in words and say it to yourself.

Firenze — Pisa Centrale. Good morning, a coffee please 9 5 Two coffees at the Bar la Posta. How much was each? Doubtless the till was programmed to help customers at the time of the changeover. Greetings and courtesies 1 As in English, the greeting you use depends on the time of day and who you are talking to. It is used in any formal situ- ation: Buongiorno, signora. Buongiorno, signorina. Sono Angela Smith. Ah, signora Smith, buongiorno.

Un attimo, prego. Si accomodi. Buongiorno, signora Smith. Venga, venga. Buongiorno, signor Rossi. He indicates a chair for Mrs Smith. Come va? Bene, grazie. E Lei? Mr signora abbr. Good morning, a coffee please 11 It is usual not to capitalize these titles. Scusi, signora. Note that the word signore has an -e on the end when it is used without the name, i. In practice, too, the choice of signora or signorina depends partly on the age of the lady although signorina is not used a great deal.

Her son, Marco, is at home with a cold. Buongiorno, professore. Bene grazie, e Lei? Bene grazie. E Marco? Marco sta male. Ha un raffreddore. Mi dispiace, signora. E Suo marito? Sta bene, grazie. Lavora molto. Mi scusi, devo andare. ArrivederLa a presto. Auguri a Marco e saluti a Suo marito. ArrivederLa, professore. Buongiorno, un caffè per favore ha un raffreddore he has a cold mi dispiace I am sorry, lit.

Expressing regret about something unpleasant or unfortunate. It is slightly different from mi scusi see below. It is often used by shopkeepers, bank clerks etc. Less formal is arrivederci. It is also very common, when saying goodbye in formal conver- sations, to add buongiorno too, as Mrs Martini does. After mid- afternoon, people often use buonasera lit. It is usual to use titles like this when talking to professional people e.

Ciao, Gianni. Oh, ciao Paolo. Tutto bene? Mi dispiace, devo scappare. A presto. Vocabulary tutto bene? Is everything all right? You also use tu when talking to children, family and colleagues. These days, Italians on the whole prefer to use tu once they get to know you or if they are working with you. Language point Personal pronouns and verbs You have now met the word Lei several times. By convention it is written with a capital L although this convention is not always observed nowadays. It should be used in formal letter-writing. You have also met tu. You may have noticed that after per a preposition you have a different form. Here are the forms for the singular: The h is silent.

This verb provides the only cases in Italian of an initial h. Exercise 5 Rewrite this short conversation between two friends as an exchange between two people whose relationship is formal, Sig. Rossi and Avv. Ciao, Marco, come va? Devo andare. Exercise 6 Look back over the dialogues and pick out the verbs used without subject pronouns. You are looking for other verbs. Reading Bar famosi Read the passage and try to answer the questions. It is not necessary to understand every word. These bars are expensive!

Esiste dal Il proprietario, Arrigo Cipriani, è anche lui un personaggio famoso a Venezia. It is usual in Italian to refer to a century this way. La gente is singular, even though it refers to an idea that seems plural. Make sure you understand them and try to learn them. It is wise to revise when learning. To do Exercise 7 you have to read this unit again. This will help you remember it. It would also be helpful to listen to the recording again. And, very importantly, do this again after each unit. In this unit you will learn about: An Italian, sitting at the next table, is watching him and eventually leans over. Unit 2: Mi scusi, signore. Lei è americano? Mi chiamo Harry McNamara.

Abito a Boston. Io sono italiano. Mi chiamo Pietro Mussi. Sono romano, di Roma. Mia madre è italiana. Ah, capisco. Mio fratello abita in America. Abita a Los Angeles. Lei è in Italia in vacanza o per lavoro?

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